Meet Our Veterinary Team

Meet Our Veterinary Team

We’re one big family.

Get to know the team that has dedicated their lives to taking the absolute best care of your pet.

Alexander Robb, DVM, MBA, CCRT

Medical Director

Dr Alex Robb takes pride in building comfortable and trusting relationships with his clients and patients alike. This individually tailored approach, along with the depth of his experience, allows for effective diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare plans that everyone can feel good about.

He has completed advanced training in companion animal surgery, is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist, and is a Fear Free Certified Practitioner.

A passion for improving the effectiveness of medical organizations drives Dr Robb. He earned his MBA from the University of Denver in 2017, focusing on Strategic Leadership of Healthcare Organizations, and has delivered seminars on Leadership and High-Performing Teams for hundreds of veterinary students. He is also currently involved in developing a Simulation Laboratory at Tufts University where veterinarians and students will be able to hone their skills in cutting-edge procedures.

Dr Robb earned his veterinary degree from Tufts University in 2013 and has practiced in the Denver Metro Area ever since. He loves experiencing all of Colorado’s outdoor activities with his family, including two German Shorthaired Pointers named Lucy and Porter. He also enjoys live music, professional sports, photography, and international travel.

Jenna Cockrum, RVT

Hospital Manager

Offering her clients and pets a positive experience drives Jenna. She knows the impact this has on a pet’s health and longevity.

She preps for daily visits to anticipate her patients’ needs. And then pairs cats and dogs with their favorite technician, using treats and calming voices to relax anxious animals.

Jenna is laser-focused on addressing all her clients’ concerns. She’s an exceptional multitasker who thrives on remembering the little details. She enjoys surprising clients with her follow-up skills.

Jenna stays up to date with medical developments through continuing education lectures, online courses, and one-on-one training with the experts in her hospital. She is passionate about anesthesia.

Jenna has an associate degree in Veterinary Technology. She bakes in her free time and is perfecting her fancy cupcake skills. She enjoys hiking, spicy food, and anything Harry Potter. On weekends, she loves being out-and-about with her children. She has two pets of her own: Malinois’ named Sierra “Bear Jones” and Bayou, a former police dog.

Olivia Court, DVM


Dr Olivia Court is passionate about creating strong and lasting bonds with her clients and their pets. Clients appreciate that Dr Court collaborates to create the perfect treatment plan for each pet. She takes time to educate clients about those treatment plans, diagnoses, and answer questions. Her goal is for pets to feel better, and for clients to feel empowered.

Dr Court is Fear Free certified and trained in Cat Friendly Practice methods. She lets pets set the pace for visits by getting on their level, taking time for the pet to feel comfortable, and offering lots of treats. Dr Court loves teaching clients how to take care of their pets’ dental health. When not learning on the job, she attends conferences, researches new topics in the veterinary field, and signs up for hands-on training opportunities.

She attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst for her undergraduate degree and Tufts University for her DVM. She’s excited to be in Denver, where she can explore the area, try out new breweries, and go horseback riding. She also loves practicing yoga. Dr Court shares her home with four pets: her rescue boxer Mozzie; her toothless Italian Greyhound named Bird, who has a larger wardrobe than most people; and two cats named Sterling and Poppy.

Emma Katz, VMD


Dr Emma Katz (she/her) focuses on building relationships with clients and pets. Clients appreciate her transparent, teamwork-based approach, and her passion for continuity of care. The follow-up check-ins are as important to her as the initial visit.

Trained in Fear Free techniques, Dr Katz does whatever it takes so pets feel comfortable. She sits on the floor with patients so she is on their level. Her goal is to ensure pets feel their best and enjoy their visit. She loves getting to know clients and patients, especially their quirks and individual needs.

Dr Katz has experience in urgent care and specialty medicine. She works well under pressure and is comfortable caring for pets in emergency situations. She also enjoys dentistry and dermatology. Dr Katz attended Middlebury College and earned her VMD from the University of Pennsylvania. She loves learning new skills and approaches for helping pets and is a graduate of Power of 10 from the Doctors Leadership Academy.

Her best friends and adventure partners are bloodhound Hank and mixed breed Lulu. They love road trips and hiking. Hank’s superpower is skiing. They hit the slopes together each winter.

Carrie Oakes, DVM


Dr Carrie Oakes is focused on each patient’s physical, mental, and emotional health. She supports physical health through illness prevention, promotes mental health by recognizing behaviors, and encourages emotional well-being with love and treats. She works with each pet and client as individuals to ensure all three needs are met.

Dr Oakes prioritizes the patient’s comfort and stress levels, making visits to the vet more pleasant with delicious treats. She is Fear Free certified.
Her veterinary interests include pathologies, dermatology, and feline-specific medicine. She is a member of the American Association for Feline Practitioners (AAFP). She focuses on behavioral, internal medicine, and geriatric care for cats.

Dr Oakes received her degree in Veterinary and Biomedical Science from Penn State University. She attended veterinary school at Purdue University. While at Purdue, she was recognized by the AAFP as a top student in surgical and feline medicine for her class. In her free time, she loves being in nature and exploring Colorado’s skiing, hiking, and rock climbing. She shares her home with Holly, her senior boxer, and three cats: Micro, Nora, and Apollo.

Mike Porta, DVM


Creating and maintaining lasting relationships with people and pets is important to Dr Mike Porta. His open, honest communication and thorough approach help clients feel confident making medical decisions for their pets. He follows up with them after their appointment to ensure their pets are doing well. His goal is to make a difference every day in the lives of clients and patients.

Dr Porta utilizes Fear Free techniques to help his patients feel comfortable at their appointment. He lets pets set the pace and doesn’t push them past their comfort zone. He enjoys working in surgery because it’s another way he can help pets feel better and improve their quality of life. Dr Porta has completed two surgical internships after veterinary school and attends conferences to learn new developments in surgery and internal medicine.

Dr Porta attended college at Cornell University and vet school at Kansas State University where he was recognized by the Phi Zeta society for academic excellence and outstanding professionalism. He and his wife share their home with their three dogs: Kiba (Siberian husky), Faye (Pyrenees mix), and Fitz (Boston terrier). In his free time, he loves doing DIY projects, especially wood working, playing and watching sports, hiking, and traveling.

Ashlyn Spring, DVM


Dr Ashlyn Spring’s (she/her) passion for helping animals shines through in all her actions. Her favorite thing about being a vet is getting to know pets through every life stage.

She ensures clients and patients enjoy stress-free visits. She gets on the pet’s level to help them feel comfortable, offers treats, and reads their body language. She collaborates with families to make the best choices for each pet’s unique needs. Clients appreciate her attention to detail, patient approach, and detailed communication. Dr Spring is Fear Free certified.

Her desire to become a veterinarian stemmed from an interest in animal behavior and exotic animal conservation. She received a biology degree from Elon University and then attended vet school at the University of Illinois. She stays up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge through annual veterinary conferences.

Dr Spring enjoys hiking and skiing, visiting breweries, gardening, and cooking delicious food when not working. Her family includes her husband, who is also a vet, their two dogs, Lennon and Charlie, and a black, three-legged cat named Hiccup.

Alex Sordillo

Veterinary Care Professional

Clients appreciate Alex’s calm and thorough approach to each appointment. She takes time to answer her clients’ questions and acknowledge their concerns. She wants them to feel educated and empowered about their pets’ care. She enjoys teaching owners about proper feeding habits, exercise, and routine check-ups. Alex also works efficiently so that appointments don’t take longer than necessary.

By treating clients as peers, Alex is able to turn consults into conversations. This allows them to be involved with the appointment process. She treats each pet as if they are her own, providing compassion, love, and lots of treats.

Alex is comfortable with all types of pets, including rabbits, reptiles, amphibians, and chickens. She has a special interest in snakes. She takes advantage of on-the-job training and seminars whenever possible.

Alex received her BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont. Her focus was on ecology and conservation. Currently, she attends the University of Colorado and is working on applying to veterinary school.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys reading in a sunny spot in Cheesman Park, hiking, and attending shows. She has a Holland Lop named Maggie and a cat named Panda. While she loves all animals, she has an affinity for big, fluffy dogs that think they are lap dogs.

Jordyn Floming

Client Service Coordinator and Veterinary Assistant

Jordyn’s passion is for creating lasting relationships with clients and patients. She takes time to get to know everyone who comes into Goodheart. She also loves educating clients about all aspects of their pets’ care. She works efficiently to gather all relevant information and answer client questions to help streamline the process. Clients appreciate Jordyn’s empathy, positive energy, and attention to detail.

Jordyn is Fear Free certified and working on becoming a registered veterinary technician. Her priority is keeping pets comfortable during their visit, so she always has treats and cuddles to offer. She adjusts her care as needed to help patients feel secure.

Currently, Jordyn is working on her associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality as well. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family and try out new restaurants with her twin sister. She shares her home with her two cats: Kylo (whose specialized medical needs encouraged Jordyn to get into veterinary medicine), and Rooster.

Matthew B
Matthew Ballantine

Registered Veterinary Technician

Clients appreciate Matthew’s thorough and knowledgeable approach to patient care. He uses excellent communication skills to help clients understand all aspects of their pets’ care. Because he explains the why behind all treatment options, he helps clients make informed decisions.

Matthew enjoys studying different medications and anesthesia. He also gives pets plenty of love and treats when they are at the hospital. He attended Bel-Rea Institute, where he graduated with high honors. Matthew is a self-proclaimed cat guy, brought on by his two cats, Strawberry and Bastet. He also shares his heart with his Chihuahua/Pug mix, Ralphie, and his two children. When not working, he loves to attend live music concerts and theatre performances and play board games.

Becca Sands (They/Them)

Registered Veterinary Technician

Becca’s thorough and passionate approach helps clients and pets feel welcome from the moment they walk into Goodheart. They love to explain treatment plans and educate clients as well as teaching clients about prevention.

Because they understand the importance of keeping pets comfortable, Becca uses Fear Free techniques. Becca is passionate about anesthesia and keeping pets safe during surgery.

Becca has been in the field for over ten years. They love to research advances in veterinary medicine and attend C.E. courses. They plan to attend a CVT program. Becca’s goal is to learn something new every day.

When not working, they love to go hiking, visit breweries, or take their Husky mix, Arlo, to the park. They also have two cats – Charlie Beansly Brown and Linus. Becca has a special love for cats and rabbits.

Nessy Yamada, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Nessy makes clients’ lives easier by providing support, education, and collaboration. She wants clients to feel heard and understood, so she takes time to answer their questions. Nessy believes in transparency and works with clients to create the best plan for them and their pets.

Nessy truly loves making a difference in animals’ lives. She uses treats, pets, and a gentle approach to make animals feel comfortable during their appointments. She gets on the pet’s level, uses a gentle voice, and other Fear Free techniques. She helps even the most nervous pet.

When not working, Nessy loves to go hiking and camping. Since moving to Colorado from Alaska, she is enjoying exploring the area. She shares her home with Saorise, her Akita/Lab mix, and Phoebe, her rescue cat. Phoebe was brought into Nessy’s previous vet hospital, frozen and unable to walk properly. Nessy helped save her life and then adopted her.

Marina Valdes, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Client and patient care are top priorities for Marina. She wants clients to feel involved with the entire appointment; she loves educating clients so they can make informed decisions. She is a thorough communicator and takes time to answer all their questions as well. She believes in transparency and an honest, collaborative approach.

Marina gets to know each patient who comes into Goodheart. She reads pets’ body language to get an understanding of how the pet is feeling and what she can do to make them more comfortable. She has training in emergency and critical care, so she is able to care for pets who are coming in for routine procedures or emergencies. Marina also has experience working with exotics.

Marina studied biology and chemistry at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is a huge cat lover, especially hairless cats. When not working, she loves to work in her garden, cook delicious food, and read.

Kayly Adams, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Clients appreciate that Kayly is empathetic, approachable, and knowledgeable. She wants clients to feel comfortable asking any questions they have and to approve of the treatments the doctor recommends. She understands that clients may have different goals or restrictions when it comes to their pets. So, she offers judgment-free suggestions and works with clients to find the perfect solution for them and their pets.

Kayly has training in monitoring anesthesia, experience working in a neurology department, and is RECOVER CPR certified. She uses Fear Free techniques to help pets feel comfortable. She has earned her Fear Free shelter and hospital certifications.

Kayly completed her Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology at ACC.  She also recently earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology at Tarleton State University. Outside of work and school, she loves to run, listen to podcasts, and read (especially Stephen King books). She has two dogs, Monjeau (Great Pyrenees) and Francine (pit bull), and two cats, Klementine and Monchhichi.

Angela Martone, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Angela knows that creating a positive environment for clients and patients is essential for providing the best care for pets. She answers any questions clients have and listens to their concerns. Her goal is to help pets live happy, healthy lives.

Angela uses a Fear-Free approach when working with patients and is certified in herbal medicine. Her gentle approach and attention to detail help her work with delicate patients. She is also great at safely handling nervous or angry patients.

She loves learning new skills and techniques to provide the best care. She attended the University of Delaware, where she received dual degrees in Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Animal Biosciences and Agricultural and Natural Resources. Angela enjoys working with all pets, but especially exotics. At home, Angela shares her space with her three rescue pets: cats Oliver (an orange tabby) and Hopper (a tabby/Abyssinian mix), and a rabbit named Freya (a mini rex/lionhead mix).

Apart from her passion for animals, Angela has diverse interests. She enjoys collecting plants and crystals, creating art, hiking, trying out new recipes, and reading. She is also an advocate for self-care and delights in creating costumes and new makeup looks.

Kara Mead-Volz, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Kara is a huge proponent of transparency. She wants clients to understand the appointment process and their options so they can work with the doctor to create the perfect plan for their pet. Her kind and patient approach helps people and pets feel comfortable. Meanwhile, her knowledge and thoroughness ensure that patients receive the best care.

Kara has training in internal medicine and experience running anesthesia. Her favorite thing about working in veterinary medicine is knowing that she can be an advocate for patients. She uses Fear Free and cat-friendly techniques with all her patients. While she loves all animals, she has a soft spot for cats and golden retrievers.

Kara received her Veterinary Technician certification from Bel-Rea. Her heart belongs to her two cats: Margaret and Sebastian, her soul cat. Outside of work, she enjoys going skiing, attending musical festivals and live concerts, and traveling.

Sam DiMarzio, LVT

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Sam wants to be a bridge between people and their pets. He enjoys explaining the medical process to clients and helping them understand their pets’ unique needs and behaviors. His detailed communication, patience, and transparency help make veterinary visits easy and stress-free for clients. Sam is solution-oriented and collaborates with clients to find the best options for their pets. He keeps pets comfortable by using positive affirmations, treats, and taking a slow approach. Sam is an experience surgery technician.

Sam’s love of dogs stems from his dog, Dot, whom he rescued from the streets of Roatan Honduras. He received his Associate of Applied Science degree from Bel-Rea Institute. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and baking delicious treats.

Shannon Villatoro (she/her)

Registered Veterinary Technician

Clients appreciate Shannon’s compassion, honesty, and sense of humor. She makes clients’ lives easier by thoroughly explaining the reasons behind treatments, answering their questions, and making sure they feel heard. Shannon started working in the veterinary field when she was sixteen and has experience working at animal shelters as well. Her professional interests include veterinary oncology and disease protocols. 

Shannon uses Fear Free techniques to keep pets calm during their appointment. Keeping pets comfortable and safe is Shannon’s top priority. She studied American Sign Language in college before switching to the veterinary field. She enjoys learning new skills and is always happy to teach peers and clients about pet care. 

Shannon’s heart belongs to her two pets: Sachi, a rescue whippet mix; and black cat Massuzie, a foster failure. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, climbing, bouldering, and playing disc golf, or spending time with friends or a good book. 

Delmi Penaloza-Hurtado

Veterinary Care Professional

Delmi goes beyond a careful and empathetic approach; she puts herself in the patient’s shoes and thinks about what would make them feel comfortable. She values keeping the patient, owner, and her team safe, so she uses Fear Free techniques for handling and securing patients during their exams. She also always has a patient touch and delicious treats to help distract pets.

Delmi is passionate about helping clients and patients. She treats every patient like her own pet. She appreciates that clients choose to bring their pets to Goodheart and is honored to be part of the process of helping their pets live healthy, happy lives. One of Delmi’s favorite things about working in the veterinary field is getting to know the clients and pets who come into the hospital. She loves talking about pets with owners and being a support during difficult or scary times.
Delmi graduated from the Veterinary Technician Program at the Community College of Denver in 2019. A self-proclaimed cat person, Delmi loves spending time with her three chaotic cats: Stark, Daenerys, and Thor.

Sean Watt

Veterinary Care Professional

Sean truly loves helping clients and pets have positive, stress-free veterinary visits. He educates clients on the importance of preventive medicine and lab work. Through collaboration, he helps clients feel comfortable and confident with their pets’ health care needs. He has experience volunteering with animal welfare organizations and shelters, as well as working with high-volume spay and neuter campaigns in Puerto Rico.

Sean is Fear Free certified. He adjusts his approach to fit each pet’s unique needs. He loves helping nervous pets feel as comfortable as possible while visiting Goodheart. While he loves all dogs, he has a soft spot for golden retrievers and chihuahuas and is called a “Chihuahua Whisperer.”

Sean studied Communications at the University of Texas at Austin. He enjoys exploring the beautiful nature of Colorado; he is also a gardener, record collector, crafter and has several indoor plants that he cares for. His family has two dogs: Lucky (Staffordshire terrier) and Blaze (chihuahua mix), and two cats: Wile E. and Atticus.

Denise Espinoza

Veterinary Care Professional

Denise keeps appointments stress-free and fun through her bubbly personality and individualized approach. She acknowledges client concerns and validates their feelings. Because she takes time to understand each client’s perspective, she can tailor her approach to make every visit productive and collaborative. Denise understands the importance of the human/animal bond and honors it through her veterinary skills and empathy. 

Denise joined the veterinary field to be a voice for all animals. She grew up around farm animals, so she has a passion for large animals and farm pets. By using Fear Free techniques, a patient approach, and lots of treats, she keeps pets comfortable throughout their appointments.  

Denise graduated from Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology with an associate degree in Applied Science in Animal Technology. She is excited to use the skills she’s learned through first-hand experience at and at school to help patients at Goodheart. She shares her heart with her gentle giant, a Great Pyrenees named Ponyo.

Erica Elmo

Veterinary Care Professional

Erica’s transparent, collaborative approach helps clients and patients have successful veterinary visits. She enjoys educating clients because she wants clients to be fully involved in their pets’ care.

Erica loves being able to make a positive difference in people and pets’ lives. She treats each patient as her own pet, focusing on their overall comfort and health. She enjoys helping with surgery and is skilled in drawing blood samples. Erica uses Fear Free techniques and moves at the patient’s pace to keep them comfortable.

Erica attended Florida State University, where she studied Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys being active: skiing, hiking, working out, and practicing yoga. She also enjoys cooking and studying astrology. Her pit bull, Atlas, is her entire world and the best cuddler.

Rachel Valdez

Veterinary Care Professional

Rachel is a compassionate animal advocate. Rachel considers things from the client and patients’ prospectives to ensure that each appointment is smooth and efficient. By reading body language and keeping each animals’ needs in mind, Rachel keeps patients comfortable.

Rachel enjoys helping all kinds of animals and making a difference in the lives of people and pets. In addition to helping pets as a veterinary professional, Rachel has fostered over 40 dogs through the Colorado Puppy Rescue. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys hiking, playing pool, and spending time with pets: Akira (English pointer/pit bull), Gamora (husky/pit bull), and cats Cheese and Severus.

Meghan Parker

Veterinary Care Professional

Meghan’s passion for veterinary medicine shines through everything she does. Clients appreciate that she takes time to meet all their needs. She loves Goodheart’s open communication and transparency; she wants clients to feel involved in the process.

A lifelong learner, Meghan enjoys learning more about the veterinary field and expanding her skills to help more pets. She loves helping in surgery, performing dental cleanings, and drawing blood. She wants to become a veterinarian so that she can continue to help improve animals’ lives

Meghan uses Fear Free techniques to help pets feel safe and comfortable. Meghan loves all animals, but especially dogs. Her Chihuahua, Elle, came to her as a rescue from a hospital she worked at. She was able to help save Elle’s life and then brought her home. She also has a mischievous Great Dane named Roo.

She currently attends vet school at Midwestern University. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, walking her dog, hiking, and going to concerts.

Alicia Sather

Veterinary Assistant

Alicia’s passion for helping animals of all kinds motivates her to provide the best care for clients and patients who come to Goodheart. She understands the importance of keeping pets comfortable and happy during their visits. Alicia is Fear Free certified, which allows her to use safe and comforting techniques for patients who may be scared or shy. She takes her time greeting the pet and gets down on their level to assist with exams.

Alicia received a Bachelor’s in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado. Currently, she is attending Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. Her goal is to combine her love for animals with her knowledge of rehabilitation to work in canine physical therapy and rehabilitation.

She has a rescue Dutch rabbit named Hunter, although she occasionally calls him “Gatherer” due to his fur pattern that makes it look like he wears pants. While Alicia loves all animals, dogs hold a special place in her heart.

Ashlyn Woodward (she/her)

Veterinary Assistant

Ashlyn is passionate about helping animals live long, healthy lives. She loves being able to help a pet feel better, whether they are in for a sick visit, waking up from surgery, or just nervous about being at the hospital. She comforts patients to help them feel secure. Ashlyn is Fear Free certified.

She loves learning new skills to help her provide better care to clients and patients. Ashlyn realized that caring for animals, and the people who love them, provided so much joy to her life. This led her to the veterinary field. Currently, she is in school to become a certified veterinary technician.

Ashlyn shares her home with her fiancée and their two dogs: Gaby P, a senior dachshund, and a bluetick/lab mix named Denver Hiccup. She named him after the hiccups he had as a puppy. Between school and work, Ashlyn stays busy, but she does enjoy going to the gym, hiking, and attending concerts when she has the time.

Ren Carlson
Sabrina Stock (she/her)

Veterinary Assistant

Clients appreciate Sabrina’s thorough and collaborative approach. She keeps clients informed of each step of their pets’ care. She wants clients to be involved in the process, so she educates and empowers clients by working with them. Sabrina’s goal is to make sure each patient has the most positive experience and highest level of care. Her favorite things about working in the veterinary field are getting to meet new patients and learn new ways to help provide the best level of care. Sabrina is Fear Free certified and adjusts her approach to keep visits as stress-free as possible.

Sabrina is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. When not working, she enjoys going bowling, axe throwing, to the movies, or cooking delicious food. She has three dogs: Luna, a retriever mix and the queen of fetch; Baldr, a husky/Australian shepherd mix; and Sahara, a Belgian Malinois mix.

Leslie Davis

Client Service Coordinator/Veterinary Assistant

Leslie loves being a voice for pets who cannot speak for themselves. She collaborates with clients to create the best plan for each individual pet. Clients appreciate her active listening skills and that she takes time to answer all their questions.

Leslie uses Fear Free techniques to help pets feel comfortable during their appointments. She gets down on their level, offers treats and pets, and takes time to make sure the pet feels secure. She loves spoiling the patients who come into Goodheart to make the experience positive.

Outside of work, she loves spending time outside with her dogs and boyfriend, Ryan. She loves anything Harry Potter or Star Wars and watching anime. She has two spoiled dogs: Obi-Juan-Kenobi, a Dachshund, and Alpha, a Pit/Lab/Mastiff mix.

Aubrey Mays
Aubrey Mays

Client Service Coordinator

Aubrey’s motivation is her desire to provide excellent service and care for every client and patient who comes to Goodheart. She loves being a part of a team of people who are all dedicated to taking care of pets. Clients appreciate how transparent and informative Aubrey is. She helps educate clients so they can make the best decisions for their pets’ care.

Aubrey knows veterinary visits can be scary for pets. She reads pets’ body language to gauge their comfort, and respects their space and needs. She is currently working on becoming Fear Free certified, and enjoys learning about and understanding pet behaviors.

Aubrey shares her heart with her giant Maine Coon cat, Falcon. She loves all animals, but definitely has a soft spot for cats. She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida. She has really enjoyed exploring Denver, including going thrifting with her friends, but also loves staying home and playing video games.

Ren Carlson
Andy Grunskis

Client Service Coordinator

Clients appreciate Andy’s detailed, collaborative approach. He actively listens to clients’ concerns and questions. He believes that by understanding clients’ positions and needs, he can provide the best care for them and their pets. He loves building relationships with the people and pets who come into Goodheart.
Andy uses Fear Free techniques to help pets feel more comfortable during their visit. He enjoys greeting patients and helping them get ready for their appointment. He wants the entire process to be easy and stress-free for clients and patients.

Andy graduated from Florida Gulfcoast University, where he earned a degree in Marketing with a minor in Advertising. He loves being creative and trying out new types of art. He is also a tinkerer and enjoys learning how to build and create new things. His best friend is his dog Wesley, a rescue American Bulldog. They enjoy going camping and snuggling together.

Ren Carlson
Carolyn Cebek

Client Service Coordinator

Clients appreciate Carolyn’s dedicated approach to client and patient care. She always enjoys educating clients (even outside of work), answering their questions, or just chatting about their pets. She is driven by her desire to strengthen and preserve the human-animal bond. She is especially interested in geriatric medicine and parasite prevention.

Carolyn is calm under pressure, and able to handle emergency and crisis situations by making a plan and taking it one step at a time. She walks clients through the processes as well, so they can stay informed and understand each step of their pet’s visit. She always has time to offer love, treats, and a calm word to pets. While she loves all animals, she has a soft spot for big dogs.

Outside of work, Carolyn enjoys attending stand-up comedy, going for runs, and flipping antique furniture.

Emily Suzio

Client Service Coordinator

Emily loves meeting new people and their pets. She is constantly learning new ways to help patients live happy, healthy lives. She wants clients to know that their pets are in the best hands while at Goodheart. Her friendly, knowledgeable approach helps clients feel comfortable and supported. She adjusts her approach for each patient to ensure they have a stress-free visit. Emily is always happy to answer client questions and walk them through the appointment process.

Emily received an associate in arts from Schoolcraft College. She loves all animals, but has a soft spot for cats, especially her rescue cat Amelia. When not working, she enjoys exploring coffee shops, bookstores, and parks in the Denver area.

Michaela Zavala

Client Service Coordinator

Michaela loves meeting and creating relationships with clients and patients. Her empathy and transparency help support clients and make veterinary visits easier and more comfortable. She takes her time with patients, letting them greet her first and set the pace. Michaela has a dog who gets scared at the vet, so she understands how to comfort anxious pets and the importance of a Fear Free approach.

Michaela shares her home with her four dogs: Mamas (Shih-Tzu mix), Trill (Rhodesian Ridgeback/boxer mix), Cassie (Doberman), and Molly (lab). Her dream is to one day own land and be able to rescue more animals. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family or going to the gym.

Kelsey Solberg

Client Service Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

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