The Focus at Goodheart is Prevention
We aim to keep your pet well for as many years as possible

Everything we do is focused on your cat or dog’s long-term wellness. We aim to prevent disease through annual wellness check-ups.

That is why we recommend assessing your cat or dog’s health on a regular basis: we want to identify disease and other problems early.

We have found that annual wellness check-ins allow us to keep pets happy and healthy for as long as possible. These visits help us prevent disease and lengthen quality of life.

In addition, regular visits allow us to detect disease early before your pet shows signs of discomfort.  

Small adjustments can make a big difference:
-Our annual wellness visits allow us to assess your pet’s diet and lifestyle to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrition and exercise.
-We always check your pet’s teeth to make sure there is not pain or infection.

We work with each pet’s human to create a treatment plan that fits their daily routines and lifestyle. Understanding your agenda, allows us to fine-tune our recommendations for you and your pet.

We know how much joy our fur babies bring us. That is why we aim to keep your family pet as healthy as they can be for as long as possible.

Pets cannot tell us when they feel bad, and they’re great at hiding disease. Let’s work together to create a wellness plan for your fur baby!

Dr Penn shares her tips for the breed she grew up with!

Dr Penn Chinudomsub

Baby Dr Penn with her childhood Himalayan cat named JJ. A wellness tip for long haired cats is getting them use to daily brushing to keep their coats from developing tangles and mats.

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