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Prep for a safe summer alongside your pets with Dr Robb’s safety tips.

As temperatures rise, so do the risks for our pets.

Dr Alex Robb, Medical Director of Goodheart Animal Health Center in Cherry Creek, offers valuable tips for pet safety this summer.

June-August is a time for outdoor adventures and enjoying the sunshine with our furry companions. We’re here to help you enjoy these months alongside your cats and dogs.

How do I recognize my dog might be overheating?

One telltale sign is excessive panting, particularly in dogs. Panting means that pets are trying to cool themselves down, signaling the need for immediate action to prevent heat stroke. Find shade to help them cool off.

Dr Robb emphasizes the importance of monitoring our pets for signs of overheating.

Know what to do if your pet isn’t cooling down and has heat exhaustion.

When is it too hot to visit the farmer’s market, go for a walk, or take a hike?

Avoid Hot Surfaces: test the pavement with your hand. This is a simple yet effective way to know if it’s too hot for our pets’ sensitive paws.

If it’s uncomfortable to touch the ground for more than a few seconds, it’s too hot for your pets’ paws as well.

-Buy booties to use as foot protection.

-Avoid the hot surfaces altogether by walking or visiting events in cooler parts of the day.

Do we have snakes in Colorado? What do we do if our dog gets bitten?

Living in Colorado means encountering wildlife like snakes. It’s crucial you seek veterinary care fast if your pet is bitten. A snakebite can cause an inflammatory reaction and make it hard for your pet to breathe. Call us when you’re on the way so we can support you and prep for your arrival.

Are there ticks in Colorado? How can we prevent tick bites?

Dr Robb highlights the increasing tick population in Colorado. He recommends routine tick preventatives to protect our dogs (and cats!!) from tick-borne diseases.

Enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about tick-borne diseases.

Can you leave your dog in the car when running errands?

Leaving pets in hot cars can have devastating consequences.

Dr Robb advises against it, emphasizing the rapid increase in temperature within vehicles, even with windows cracked.

While some cars have “dog mode” for climate control, it’s still best to leave pets at home or run errands at pet-friendly establishments.

What do I need to know if I plan to camp with pets?

Pack a first aid kit to treat minor wounds. It can get hot quickly, so bring plenty of water (for you, too!).

Finally, be mindful of potential hazards like parasites and other wildlife. Keep an eye on your pets at all times.

If you plan to boat with your pets, follow these tips. 

How can I enjoy summertime in Denver with my pets?

We love Denver’s dog-friendly breweries and pet-friendly summer events best.

Now that we’re seeing fewer cases of fall and winter’s respiratory disease, it’s a great time to get our dogs back to the park!

Enjoy the summer! Goodheart Animal Health Center is always available for assistance if needed. We now have a NEW online booking tool that lets you book with us at your convenience.



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